Offensive Security Rants & Threat Actor Roleplay

Trying out a New C2 - Mythic

03 June 2022

An informative blog post detailing my first time setting up, configuring, and leveraging Mythic C2 to obtain multiple shells on both a Windows and Linux host as well as some basic post-exploitation activities.

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Automating Security with CrowdSec

10 May 2022

Securing infrastructure (almost) automagically with CrowdSec. Learn how to setup CrowdSec, configure Bouncers, and view logs/alerts. Also, in typical offensive security fashion, we're going to be the one performing attacks against the CrowdSec installation.

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Building Red Team Infrastructure with Empire and Nebula

08 May 2022

A spinoff of HuskyHacks' post on building red team infrastructure with Nebula, however with a small twist of using Empire as our C2 of choice. This post explores how to setup this infrastructure and pop a glorious shell using Empire's frontend "Starkiller".

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